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Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone, Italy

5 June 2009, 7 pm

DON LOLLYTADZIOZ Metabolismys does not stink (FART)

6 June till 5 July 2009
AHAB says: MOBY DICK is NO DEMOCRACY, soon ALL DEMOCRATS will sit NO MORE in one BOAT (The Battleship of ART will never sink)
Installation on the Puglia in the garden of the Vittoriale

Under patronage of Giordano Bruno Guerri (president of the Vittoriale degli Italiani)
Grizedale Arts

Media Arts Network

Goethe Institut Italia

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani Fondazione

John Moores University

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Technical Realisation
Dominik Bauer, Simone Ganß

Jan Bauer
Courtesy: JonathanMeese.Com
Courtesy: Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin
Mario Nunes Vais
Courtesy: Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone

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One hundred years ago Filippo Tommaso Marinetti announced the arrival of Futurism and his desire for art to lead and govern the people. In the same year the Nobel prize in physics was given to Guglielmo Marconi for the invention of wireless telegraphy. Ten years later Gabriele d’Annunzio realised this desire, if only for a moment, creating the first leadership of art, an artist run state in the town of Fiume (now Rijeka). Gabriele D’Annunzio and Guglielmo Marconi, the most famous Italians of their time, broadcast from the yacht Elettra a revolutionary radio message to the world, which is still in the ether: ALALÁ

Grailsbaby D’Annunzioz was able to establish this leadership of art only for a short moment, but anticipating the total dictatorship of art that will come inevitably. In his radio message DON LOLLYTADZIOZ Metabolismys does not stink (FART) Jonathan Meese will send this ultra extreme message not only to the 53rd Venice Biennale, but to the whole world: SWEETIESSWETTIESSWETTIES

“The donation of power will be the most celebrated thing, the day of the ultimate takeover will come.”


Jonathan Meese 2008 in his Berlin state speech

Jonathan Meese

DICTATORSHIP OF ART. Since 2006 Jonathan Meese has been making propaganda for the dictatorship of art. The party of this dictatorship is named art. Under the domination of art there will be no more mean domination of man. Total humbleness is the name of this new world order, which will be established on the day zero, after the takeover of art – which will be in fact a donation of power. The volcano will erupt, there is no alternative – no power of man, no creativity, no soul – only neutrality. Only “art” as “total leadership” is anti-nostalgic, revolutionary and loving. Soon there will be only one land in the world, named the land of erz (Erzland). Playing without rituals is the only possible way for artist and man to achieve the dictatorship of art.

Jonathan Meese

RADIOTRANSMITTER AND INSTALLATION. According to the example of D’Annunzio Jonathan Meese will broadcast the dictatorship of art in 2009. For this purpose there is no better place than the Puglia in the Vittoriale degli Italiani. For Meese theatres and exhibition halls are shelters, command centres, from which one could make propaganda for the hermetic revolution. From the bridge, the former command centre on the Puglia, Jonathan Meese will push his peaceful revolution of art. The dictatorship of art flies a flag on the Puglia, furthermore big and small skeletons in the rig and bow of the Puglia will remind of the legionnaires of Fiume. Skeletons, here meant as crew of a ghost ship, are part of the repertoire of Meese’s installations and always refer to the fact, that for Meese the human soul is outside.

Jonathan Meese

FLYER CAMPAIGN. In summer 2008, fifty years after the poet’s death, from a two seater flyers were thrown on Gardone to remember D’Annunzio’s famous flight over Vienna. In 2009 this operation should be re-enacted – this time with flyers of the dictatorship of art. If possible such flyers should be thrown on the Venice Giardini too.

Puglia im Vittoriale Degli Italiani